Photo Restoration & Retouching Services

Retouching & Restoration

Retouching & Restoration

Do you have an old photo that brings back fond memories but unfortunately it's faded, torn, cracked or just in bad shape? Well, don't lose heart because this is where I can be of help. With my photo restoration services, I can scan the original picture and fix the damage, giving you back a picture which is as good as new. Plus, you can have the restored picture saved on a USB drive or any device you wish, so you can make new prints.


 Digital Editing & Retouch Your Images !

I also specialise in retouching pics to painstakingly repair any stains, rips facial blemishes, red-eye spots and more. With skilled digital photo editing and retouch services, what you get is a complete high-end photo edit which makes your pics pop up. Whether it is to rejuvenate the wedding portrait of your parents, colourise a black and white photo, adjust exposure, remove something from a photo or change background, I can bring your pictures back to life. Since every picture is unique, every restoration & retouching job is just as unique. Every assignment is handled with the same level of precision and care.

Request a quote online, contact or visit  my studio if you wish to book my services. I would love to hear from you!