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3D Modelling takes your photography to new dimensions by doing a visual representation of an object or surface using 3D Design Software. 3D models are used for a wide range of mediums, including the video games you play today! The earliest familiarity you may have with 3D vision is likely from watching 3D movies wearing polarised glasses and feeling awed. The truth is, architects, engineers, and designers have been using 3D Modelling for years, and it is making innovative breakthroughs ever since. 

With over 10 years of experience in 3D modelling technology, I have been able to develop expertise in bridging the gap between reality and the digital ‘flat land’. My specialisations include architectural 3D modelling and concept models.

3D Modelling Architectural

 Architectural Modelling

A detailed 3D architectural model can save a lot of time and resources of a client who is into construction. It not only gives a visual understanding of a project but also ensures the architect, designer and engineer are on the same page as to the exact requirements of the client. Your customers get the benefit of previewing the designs before finalising their decision.

Be it a commercial structure, a public space, or a residential building, I can create high-quality 3D models for both interior and exterior architectural designs. I can work from 2D plans, blueprints, or photographs to design the models you need. In the past, I have created high-quality 3D models for diverse projects such as residential areas, public parks, recreational areas, commercial complexes, transport infrastructure and mixed-use sites.

Ever since computer-based CAD systems have become mainstream to aid 3D modelling projects, it has become quicker to shorten the lead time for ideation, conceptualisation and execution of a project. The pros of breathing and living 3D modelling enable me to simulate the most complex ideations helping in streamlining the entire design process and saving you the costs of physical prototypes or beginning construction.

3D Concept Modelling

Concept Models

Whatever you may be developing and producing, I can build a robust and stunningly realistic ‘appearance model’ with all the ‘look and feel’ characteristics of your final production part. I can make the vision in your mind come alive by combining my craftsmanship precision with 3D modelling technologies to create hyper-realistic prototypes.  

If you are a small design and engineering firm, building a concept model allows you to extend your reach, test more ideas and develop only the right projects. This helps save time and resources drastically in the long run. For large companies too, concept modelling within departments can allow you to present your ideas more clearly to your bosses using 3D printed concept models in a way a computer model never could. It’s time to think differently about how you bring your product to the market and optimise your resources in the process.

I offer my 3D modelling services from my studio in Melbourne. If you are located nearby, I can develop and deliver the concept models you require within reasonable turnaround time. It can save you from the excruciatingly long development cycles of the end product to identify any unforeseen design challenges.

If you wish to stay ahead of the competition, 3D Modelling can put you on the right track. 
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