David Mullins

Experience the Difference That Excellence Makes

Hello, I am David Mullins, a photographer and graphic artist, based in Melbourne, Australia. I have a passion for portrait photography, landscapes and architecture. 
I  also offer 3D modelling and 3D printing services to build realistic prototypes for my clients that can help them accelerate their business growth. I have spent my entire professional life clicking, creating, editing and learning new things about photography to push my limits and always keep my clients happy with what I do. I truly believe photographs have a universal language that speaks to the heart. They make us sit up and notice the beauty that surrounds us in our own patch of the universe. I think of an image as a blank canvas on which I can pour the most genuine, endearing and delightful moments of your life. 
Having developed a keen interest in design, architecture and 3D modelling from a young age, I have wholeheartedly invested myself in capturing life in all its glory. Over the years, I have been fortunate to work with a diverse multitude of clients from different backgrounds. Be it capturing the close bond in a couple’s portrait or developing virtual reflections of animate and inanimate objects with stunning realism, I have managed to curate a great portfolio that speaks about my work.


What Our Customers Say About Us?

Mark W

If you’re looking for a dedicated and thoroughly professional yet friendly development partner, I highly recommend David Mullins. He delivered top-notch quality 3D modelling work for us at short notice and right on budget. 
As a demanding client and a perfectionist, I am pleased to say that David understood my expectations accurately.

Veronica Le

Such a unique experience to be a part of David's multicultural project! He has so many great qualities as a person and as a professional. Kindness, respect and amazing photography skills are just few of them!


I recently approached David to edit an old and ripped picture that I had of my parent's wedding day. He did a fabulous job with the restoration and edit and returned a pic that felt like it was freshly clicked. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I highly recommend him for the job

Robert C. Cavender

We recently asked David to photograph our daughter’s 1st birthday party, and couldn’t be happier. David is polite, professional and passionate about his work. We loved his candid style and the moments he captured for us with his keen eye. He is also very efficient, getting the photographs to us within a day! Thank you so much David, we hope to work with you again. Stefanie & Josip Dzidzic.

Eli Muse

David Mullins has a terrific ability to make you feel at ease to be your authentic self or get you into character and capture the spirit of the moment on photo. I have seen this magic twice.

Mon Bhelley

Me and my family had a photoshoot done from David and we are over the moon with the results. He is an amazing artist and works magic with his camera. We are his big fans. He’s not only a great and amazing photographer but also a wonderful humanitarian. He does so much for community. I would highly recommend his services. He’s affordable and his quality of work is just outstanding. I wish you more and more success. You deserve every bit of it. Thank you for all your hard work and doing so much for the community.